Our dearest friend Kabir of Azure Hospitality conjured another miracle. This time an invitation to a ‘posh’ lunch at the new Mamagoto in Connaught Place. For many of us lunch at a restaurant is a mundane affair. This is another story.

Most of the invitees had never been to a restaurant of this kind. Most of them probably never tasted high quality asian cuisine- a far cry from the chow mien or momos now available at every street corner. Many of them had never entered a restaurant of this class.

But the Project Why team team is to the manor born and no one would have guessed that this was a first!

The invitation was for 20 guests so students and teachers from each centre were selected. Every one was beautifully turned out and tasted new foods with enthusiasm. It was a merry party that lunched a the new Mamagoto on that sizzling day.

But all good things come to an end and so did that lunch.

To say that this is a memory that they will carry on their hearts forever is an understatement.

Two of the guests voiced their feelings.
One said this was probably the first and last enjoyable moment of his life.

The other simply said that this lunch was the happiest moment of her existence.

It is touching and humbling to see how an occurrence we take for granted gives such joy to those who rarely experience it.

Thank you Kabir and the Mamagoto team

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