Govind Puri


In 2005, Project WHY was offered funding to purchase a building to house its activities. A small building was found with 3 built up floors on 50 square feet with bathrooms on each floor. We moved our creche and special needs section on two floors and a primary and secondary centre on one.

As years went by more classes were added and the special needs section shifted to a flat across the street.

Today the Govindpuri Centre houses the early education programme and runs after school support from classes I to X.

During Covid-19

Due to the pandemic, we had to shut the Special Section and early education as the children would not be able to follow the safety measures required during Covid19 (wearing masks, social distancing, etc…), Many teachers in Govindpuri began taking online classes. They also participatedin the vocational unit making masks, diyas for Diwali and other craft activities.

The Special Section opened in January 2020 with only 2 or 3 students attending the vocational class. The centres are sanitized every morning before class begin.



Our early education programme was an answer to the plight of toddlers in slums who are often left unattended in dangerous surroundings.

This programme aims at providing a safe place for children upto to the age of 5 and preparing them for school. It aims at teaching them social and basic academic skills as well as fun and creative activities.




The importance of a well rounded and sound primary education is essential to succeed and Project Why has always believed in giving a head start to all its children. Our main objective is to enhance school performance, contain drop out rates and ensure access to secondary school. Children coming from urban slums are unable to cope with their studies. This is often due to poor teaching conditions within the school, and lack of help from home as parents are often illiterate. Moreover children have no place to study, no access to books or tutors. The primary programme is by far the most important one as it is in these classes that most children drop out.


PROJECT COST: Rs. 55,000; 770 US$

The Govindpuri secondary programme began as a junior secondary programme but as years went by classes were added on demand by the students. Today it caters to students from class VI to X. Over and above academics the students are encouraged to pursue creative activities and regular workshops and outings are organised to impart an all round education.


PROJECT COST: Rs. 90,000; US$ 1200

Our day care for children with special needs began on the roadside in 2001 when a bunch of children had lost their school and had no place to go. 

Children with special needs are by far the most neglected both by their families and society at large. Project Why wanted to provide them a safe environment where they would be treated as equals and given the dignity they deserve. Moreover efforts were made to teach them basic living skills and vocational skills according to their ability.

The special needs section of Project Why is by far the happiest and most rewarding place and is closest to our heart