What’s new  Fund raiser

What’s new
Fund raiser

We are happy to announce our second Piano Recital by Ranjan the benefits of which will go to Project Why. This time Ranjan will take us on a nostalgic tour of the fifties and sixties. Harry Belafonte, Elvis Presley and many others. the concert will stream live of Facebook, Instagram and Zoom. The date is June 20th 7pm Indian Standard Time.

 What’s new  Project Why on line

What’s new
Project Why on line

For the past six months now Project Why has been teaching online! Our stellar teachers did not take long to adapt to the new normal and came up with innovative ways to make sure that the children study in the best way possible. With the help of smart phones, whatsApp groups, worksheets and home teaching the team ensured that the children keep busy and do not lose interest in studying. In some cases, when the child can only get access to a phone late in the evening where parents come home, the teachers have taken classes way beyond working hours. Over 500 children are being reached mostly secondary students. Hats off to this incredible team.