What’s new  Alumni meet at Okhla Centre

What’s new
Alumni meet at Okhla Centre

At Project WHY Okhla centre, a very special reunion of past students, and their teachers who continue to hold the torch for education for children today.  Some of these kids have gone on to graduate, found jobs, and broken out of the vicious cycle of poverty in their underprivileged community.

It was heartwarming to hear their stories and proved once again how education can transform lives.

Today their school may losing its funding. Please help us keep it open by contribution to the #HelpMithuSaveSchool fundraiser: https://www.ketto.org/fundraiser/helpmithu


 What’s new Visit of Mrs Hiramatsu to The Yamuna Centre

What’s new
Visit of Mrs Hiramatsu to The Yamuna Centre

We were honoured to welcome Mrs Hiramatsu, wife of the Ambassador of Japan, and the Japanese Volunteer Group to our Yamuna Centre on January 15th 2019. Mrs Hiramatsu graciously donated school books to all the children. We are deeply grateful for this donation.

The ladies organised an origami activity with the children that was enjoyed by all.

Our association with the Japanese Volunteer group began in 2006 and is still going strong.

ありがとうございます Arigatou gozaimasu.


 What’s new Project WHY Alumni Meet at  Khader Centre.

What’s new
Project WHY Alumni Meet at Khader Centre.

On December 22, 2018 an alumni meet was organised at Project WHY Khader centre. The informal meeting was a heartfelt gathering of former Project WHY students. It was a beautiful ride through memory lane, sharing the joys and struggles of continued learning as well as a promise of continued association with Project WHY.
We wish them all the success in the New Year!

 What’s new  Change of INR Bank Account

What’s new
Change of INR Bank Account

Due to unforeseeable circumstances we have had to change our India Rupees Account from Citi Bank to Kotak Mahindra Bank.

The new account details are:


Savings Bank account no:-  5812679017

IFSC : KKBK0000201

MICR code: 110485029

Kotak Mahindra Bank Ltd, Deenar Bhavan

44 Nehru Place,

New Delhi-110019

 What’s newFrom street to ramp, the wisdom of the free spirit#WATWB

What’s new
From street to ramp, the wisdom of the free spirit#WATWB

Education can make a quantum difference in a person’s life.

For We are the World Blogfest I want to share the story of a boy who used his education to go from the streets of New Delhi to top Parisian ramps.

I came to know of this Blogfest through my dearest friend Damyanti and warmed up to the idea immediately as we need stories to renew our faith in humanity. At times, we lose the ability to revel in the joy of happy occurrences around us. We’re simply too busy living our daily life. I would like to share the story of a young man born on the roadside who went on to become a star and broke many stereotypes we are often locked in.

A series of serendipitous events brought Sanjay into my life again and I realised how much this strapping, drop-dead gorgeous young man had actually taught me.

We go back a long time Sanjay and I. It must have been in 2004 that we opened a small centre for the children of the Lohar Basti, a community of gypsy ironsmiths that lived on the pavement of a busy main road, a stone’s throw from Project Why’s centre.They unfortunately got relocated in 2010.

Education Sanjay Padiyar Project WhyI had been moved by the spirit and infectious joie de vivre of this nomadic community and by the bright-eyed kids that ran with alacrity on the busy road, making my heart miss many beats. A few weeks after we began classes for the smaller children, we were approached by a handful of teenagers who wanted us to teach them too. Some were in school, other had dropped out but all seemed very eager to learn. (I would come to know much later that the reason these lads joined was the presence of young foreign volunteers!). We accepted the request and soon had a group of secondary students as part of this outreach programme. Sanjay was one of them. He would go on to pass his class XII Boards.

The awkward teenager grew into a handsome lad, and I would joke with him telling him he should become a model and we would then raise a lot of money for Project Why. Little did I know that the winds have ears and that a miracle was on its way.

Sanjay joined Project Why as a teacher and taught in our Okhla centre for some years. He was loved by all students and it looked that he had settled in. But the heavens had other plans for him. A French film maker in search of a positive story decided to document Sanjay’s life and in the course of many a conversation Sanjay revealed his dream to go to Bollywood. He would not make it to the silver screen but would break into the fashion world and even walk the ramp in ParisBollywood Boulevard is the film documenting his story.

When I look back at years gone by and at what is ‘our story’, I realise he taught me that dreams do come true, but wisdom lies in always keeping one’s feet firmly planted on the ground.

Education Project WhySanjay did not let success go to his head. He did fulfill his dreams but is now back in India working in a guest house and hoping one day to find his place behind a camera to tell the story of another dream.

Do you have a dream? Does Sanjay’s story resonate with you? Sanjay wants to study under a documentary or fashion photographer. Would you be able to put him in touch with a photographer who needs an assistant?

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And if journeys like that of Sanjay interest you, please consider supporting the Project WHY Sewing Circle Fundraiser, where we’re trying to keep the dreams of a few brave women alive.

 Whats newProject WHY raises funds for Kerala Floods

Whats new
Project WHY raises funds for Kerala Floods

Through the month of August 2018, all our Centre’s children keenly monitored the floods and rescue operations in the state of Kerala.  The Centre Managers  explained the causes of flooding and encouraged our children to come up with ways to help the flood victims. A collection of funds ensued at all our Centre’s. Our Yamuna Centre that had its own experience of living with floods (as the children’s homes are close to the banks of Yamuna river) were the first to raise INR 2500. All contributions will be donated to the relief operations headed by Goonj.