Reusable. Comfortable. Durable. #FaceMasks

Reusable. Comfortable. Durable. #FaceMasks

Our vocational center has been making in-house masks for children, staff and general public for protection against COVID 19. 

These face masks are non-surgical, layered, assorted colours and printed fabric masks. They are designed creatively so that it fits the nose and chin perfectly. A soft elastic loop is used in the mask to make it comfortable to wear. It is reusable and easily washable. Each mask is INR 20.

Should you would like to purchase our face masks please contact Ms. Shamika Bakshi at  or message us here on Project WHY Facebook page.

Congratulations to All Project WHY Class 12 students

Congratulations to All Project WHY Class 12 students

Project WHY congratulates all its class 12 students who have cleared their examination. Special felicitation goes to Babli and Utpal Mandal. We wish our students all the success in their future endeavours. #WednesdayThoughts

Thank you Enfances indiennesThe Chopra FoundationAsha for Education, Om Prakash Foundation, SavitriWaneyTrust, Project WHY UK, Sabrina, MaccaferriAZURE Project Why Volunteers, Nina Sethi, Irene Mitchell, Damyanti Biswas and many..many more who have supported underprivileged children’s education through Project WHY

 What’s newProject WHY Centers Closed – DELHI 21 days LOCKDOWN.

What’s new
Project WHY Centers Closed – DELHI 21 days LOCKDOWN.

This is to inform all our supporters, volunteers and friends that Project WHYis closed as per the directive of the Government of India (to curb spread of COVID 19) and to keep ALL our children safe.

Our social media pages will be active during this time. We will be spreading messages of support and kindness. We would love to hear from you all amid the coronavirus pandemic, as it is essential to keep strong ties among people – virtually if needed – and doing whatever we can for our collective well-being and happiness.

 What’s new  Adopt a Teacher

What’s new
Adopt a Teacher

At Project WHY, our greatest assets are our teachers. By adopting a teacher for just INR 10,000 (USD 145 or Euro 130), you enable a good teacher to reach out to 50 underprivileged children that need educational support to complete their schooling years. Without good teachers, this is not possible.

Help support our initiative by adopting one of our teachers as an individual, or a group of friends.

To know more and see the teachers you can adopt click here 

 What’s new  Proceeds to Project Why

What’s new
Proceeds to Project Why

Amazon-bestselling author Damyanti Biswas is donating all her proceeds from her debut crime novel You Beneath Your Skin to Project WHY and @StopAcidAttacks

Our share of the proceeds will be used for women empowerment programs.

The story of You Beneath Your Skin was written while volunteering at Project WHY. It is an intelligent, socially engaged thriller which talks about the issues that are faced by women and underprivileged communities in Delhi.

Check it out, and if it catches your interest, please buy the book.

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