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Today is Valentine’s day. A day to celebrate LOVE! A day to remember what love truly means by going beyond the pink hearts and red roses! A day to take a walk down memory lane and reminisce about all the love stories of our lives. I have been blessed with many, each one as beautiful as the other but the most unexpected one was close to my 50th birthday and when a little scalded bundle swathed in bandages walked into my heart and changed my life forever.

That is not all. Two days ago when I visited the school for the ‘dreaded’ PTM I was handed a copy of the school magazine where one whole page was dedicated to this very special love story. And tucked away in a box was a poem dedicated to me and written by that little bundle of joy now a strapping and handsome teenager!

Feels wonderful.

I have written volumes about this little soul, even a book.

Today I simply want to share the magic of keeping your heart open. You never know who will walk into your heart and stay there forever age no bar!

It happened to be when I was 50 and he was 1!

This is the love story of Utpal and his Maam’ji!

Happy Valentine’s day!

Love is really in the air!