Rani Bharadwaj

Joint the Project WHY team in 2000 as a student. Today she manages the Giri Nagar, Govindpuri, Okhla and Kalka Mandir Centres. She held the position of Co-director of Project WHY for seven years. She brings experience of project management, women and child development to her role. She is currently pursuing her graduation in psychology.

Shamika Bakshi

Joined in 2001, she has over a decade experience in working with special needs children especially with Autism. She oversees and manages the Special needs section of Project WHY and is passionate about issues related to mental health in India.

Dharmender Beniwal

Joined Project WHY IN 2006. Currently he manages the Khadar and Yamuna Centre. His expertise is in skill building activities for underprivileged women and has since supported as well as helped in the growth of the women centre at Khader. His interest lies also in conducting workshops on social issues.

Our Team

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