This morning I got a lovely mail for Harriet. She is the young girl who had spent a few days with us at project why and promised to help us when she got back to her school in London. Some time later she wrote again saying that she was planning a Xmas sale at her school the proceeds of which would come to us.

Harriet is a very special person, one that truly walks the talk. The sale was held and she informed me that a whopping 50 Pounds had been collected. It may seem a tiny sum to many, but to us at pwhy it is more precious than the largest donation we get, as it is one that is laced with love, compassion and tenderness. We fell humbled.

Harriet also had one more surprise for us: her very first article in a local newspaper simply entitled A Ray of Hope in the New Delhi Slums. It is a very touching article on project why as seen by a young girl from a privileged country.

Harriet’s mail brought joy and healing at at time when we are truly in need of it. India is still trying to make sense of the terrible week gone by. Thousands are on the street trying to find an answer to questions that seem hopeless. There is talk of war and aggression. Anger is tempered with helplessness and people seem terribly lost. In the midst of all this madness, this simple gesture from a young girl is the message we all needed to hear. It does not take much to reach out another, to help change a life or to bring a smile on a face that had forgotten to smile.

Thank you Harriet.