a prayer for an princess

V is a beautiful autistic girl. I knew her when she was just a child some 8 years ago when her shrill voice used to echo in my home when she and her parents came visiting. Her repetitive blabber and her endearing ways touched many a heart and I use to call her princess.

Then life took its turn and we lost touch though I often remembered the lovely child.

Yesterday her father called out of the blue and gave us the shocking news that V had a tumour and was to be operated upon this week. What was heart rendering was the love of this father, as he sat and leafed through the yellowed pages of his diary looking for the numbers of all those who at one time or another had touched V’s life. His message was simple: pray for her!

V’a parent’s are extraordinary. Both their children are autistic but they never let that come in the way of their love and pride. A beacon for all parents who have special children.

the baby factory

The baby factory that was exposed in another now famous sting operation looked like a horror movie. Young minor girls from poor states brought to Delhi and then made to produce babies that were then sold! The reason for this is two-fold: the abject poverty on one hand and the draconian adoption laws on the other. This makes a heady cocktail for greedy predators always looking for a quick buck.

The fabricated baby was thus sold for a mere 10 000 Rs. The new parents even got a birth certificate with their names as parents making the deal as perfect as possible. Wonder how much the poor natural mother got after every one had taken its pound of flesh. And wonder what becomes of her after she produced one or x babies.

So many questions come to mind when one hears about this terrible tale. But the ones that linger on are those that touch the girl. Motherhood is sacred to every woman, no matter how poor she is and no one has the right to rob or appropriate itself this experience . The nine months one carries a child in one’s womb establish a bond that is almost visceral. The young girl who set out on a journey of hope could not have imagined in her wildest nightmare that this is the price she would be asked to pay for a better life.

The perpetrators of such a crime should be punished in the most draconian way possible but knowing our legal system that will not be so.

back home

back home

Little mehajabi is back home after a successful open heart surgery. For the first time in her tiny life she sleeps soundly, her breathing normal. Soon she will be returning to where she came from and resume the simple life her parents live in the confines of a madrassa.

What her life will be no one knows but she lives today because two simple and illiterate parents refused to give up on her even though she was a girl and the youngest of 5 siblings. They refused to give up on her even though the costs of her recovery were daunting for a family that earned a pittance. In a country where the girl child is often treated with contempt, the determination of this family to save mehajabi is laudable and needs to be applauded.

One wishes there were more parents like them.

a tale of survival in India at 60

a tale of survival in India at 60

Yesterday morning Mehajabi came by project why with her mom. Today she will be going to the hospital and if all goes well, should be admitted for her open heart surgery.

It has been a long journey for this little girl and her family. She was born a year ago in the well protected world of a madrassa where her father eked out a living as a helper in the kitchen. Her mother and four siblings lived in the precinct of this place of learning. Her older siblings even attended classes. Life would have continued placidly had little Mehajabi been hale and hearty. But that was not the case as from her early days the little girl seemed in poor health. The local doctors could not do much and even the doctors of close by towns advised a visit to Delhi. The family had no choice but to pack up their life and come to the big and uncaring city.

Mehajabi was diagnosed with a congenital heart defect needing expensive surgery and the little family waited for a miracle. The father took on work as a daily wage labourer and the mother carried on surviving, while praying for the life of her last born.

This week, in all probabilities, Mehajabi’s heart will be fixed and a new life will begin for her. As I watched the almost picture perfect mother and child, I wondered what lay in store for them. I listened to mariam, Mehajabi’s mom, as she shared her life plans with candid simplicity. They had plans to return to the madrassa and its sheltered life as soon as Mehajabi would be well. There they would resume the life they had left on hold. The father would continue helping in the kicthen and she would bring up her children within those walls for years to come.

I looked at little Mehajabi as she sat on her mother’s lap and wondered what her life would be like. Would she too be married at a young age and live a life akin to her mother’s or would she be able to break free. The question is almost redundant. The options for little Mehajabi and millions of little girls like her are few. The shackles of the society they live in will not allow them to go far.

At times like this, I feel utterly helpless. What can one do to change things and give little girls like Mehajabi a brighter tomorrow and a right to live and not just survive?

the heat is on

the heat is on

The heat is on. The weather girl predicted a whopping 45 degrees with a sweat factor of 27% making it feel like 48 degrees. The sensible thing would be to stay at home, away from the sun and the scalding wind. True that is an option for some of us, provided the electricity does not play truant.

Why do you stay open, ask many friends. It would be easy to close for the summer and take off to some hill station, but we know that if we did, children would suffer as home for many of them is a tiny shack with a tin roof, and the streets too hot to be a playground in the heat of the summer.

So we brave the heat and soldier on. Fans and coolers help a little. We also ensure that children are not dehydrated and we know we are on the right track as classes are as full as ever. It is true that some of our classrooms are no better than shacks, like the one in the picture, but somehow the joy of being together makes up for the thatch roof and electricity cuts.

The life of a slum child in the peak of summer is hell. School holidays means having nowhere to go. Homes are overcrowded and torrid. Tempers run high and there is no place to escape. No parks, no open spaces, no shaded play grounds.

The scorching heat brings to light an array of questions, some of them without answers alas! Fr st and foremost is the issue of urban habitat for the poor. How can we call ourselves a free nation when we have not been able to give basic amenities to a large chunk of our population. Urban slums are bereft of any planning, and teeming with disasters waiting to happen. Naked electricity wires run like monstrous webs, each a potential fire hazard that would engulf everything in a split second. Garbage stench and flies abound, and homes – or what goes by the name – are hell holes. Yet most of the people who live there are people we know: our electrician or plumber, our vegetable vendor, our daily maid, the lad who cycles in the heat to bring us the grocery item we have forgotten.. simple souls who make our air conditioned lives a tad better and who are also people protected by the same laws and supposed to enjoy the same rights as us.

Every morning, as we enter our centre we are met with sleepy and tired little eyes. For the past few days many of the creche and special kids have just slept through their day, vindicating our resolve to remain open come what may.

There is of course the larger issue: that of global warming and environment. But in the wake of what we see, one wonders whether anyone is really interested in solving any issue that does not bring with it money, power, votes….

a new *kid* on the block

a new *kid* on the block

Little Kiran has survived all her admission woes and is now in a new school. She is special for all of us at project why as it was the day she was born that our work at Giri Nagar began. Right from the beginning she has been part of us and grown with us.

Since she was a little girl Kiran has always bonded with the kids of our special section and spends most of her free time with them. She knows how to handle each one of them and they all love her. She can be firm and kind and even helps the teachers when needed.

So it was no surprise when she announced that as she was on summer holiday, she would spend her day in that class and asked us whether she could lead the morning gym sequence. How could we refuse! It was touching to see the seriousness with which this little 7 year old handled the 20 minutes programme, coaxing and cajoling each one to give his or her best in spite of their handicaps. Toe touching, and jumping jacks, stretching and jogging, she did not leave out anything. And her class did not let her down, as they performed better then ever.

The deaf, the dumb, the mentally challenged and the physically handicapped, the autistic and the spastic everyone bonded with this remarkable child and had a whale of a time. There were no differences, no judging the other, no looking down at; all one could see was a bunch of kids ranging from the age of 6 to 30 enjoying a very special moment.

Another instance of the magic of project why!

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