Down by the riverside
The Yamuna Project

In early April 2015 we came to know about some children living a stone's throw away from our women centre, on the bank of the river. They had never been to school but were being taught in an ad-hoc manner by a gentleman. Their parents where agricultural labour who cultivated vegetables on tracts of land owned by landlords. These children's parents tended to the lands of the landlord of the building that houses our women centre.

It took just one visit for us to fall in love with these children and decide to adopt them! We now run a primary outreach programme for them and are looking for options to mainstream them so that they can get the education they deserve and which is their right.

These kids are invisible and do not exist as they appear on no census or enumeration.

Yet they are children of India!

It is time we did something for them!
Down by the Riverside

Yamuna Project



The children enjoy their Art classes. These are taught by Aman, a Project Why alumni
A priceless painting

Al fresco Lunch

Thanks to a very kind donor, we have been able to organise a hot lunch for these children. It is heart warming to see how they enjoy their al-fresco dining!
Al Fresco dining