Project Why Volunteers


 They come from all corners of the world and from the most unexpected places. They have one comon denominator: their love for Project Why and their trust in what we do. They spend a few days, a few weeks or even a few months and when they go, they leave a little of themselves in each one of us.

They are the Project Why volunteers.

The Pioneers

Nolwenn From day one

Nolwenn was with Project Why from the very beginning. She participated in every activity with passion and concern. She was part of the Children Centre from its very inception and tendered to its beginnings with great care. She loved the children and believed in them. She still comes by, sometimes.

Stone - Out of Africa

Stone, a young law student from Uganda, came to the Project in November 2000 and left us in December 2002. Initially a teacher, Stone became an inherent part of the project and the community. From tending to Manu and washing his soiled linen, to feeding a young mother who had delivered a child, from caring for an old sick woman to dealing with an alcoholic man who had just beaten his wife, Stone was always there. His high voltage energy could be felt in all the activities he spearheaded. When he left the whole street cried. Today some children do not want to come to class till Stone sir comes back. Stone has gone back to Uganda where he works on an Aids programme. We wish him luck!

Mylene the Godmother

Mylene was an early childhood specialist and child psychologist. She was the one who seeded our creche with patience and love. She was a regular volunteer during the three years she lived in Delhi and was loved by one and all. Before she left, she hosted an unforgettable tea for all the staff.

Sadly she left this world in March 2000, leaving us bewildered and lost. May she rest in peace.

The Volunteers

It would take volumes to write about each and every volunteer that came our way. They belong to different parts of the world, different faiths, different creed, different ages but have one thing in common: they see with their heart!


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