The Project Why Team

One always tends to highlight the achievements of the pwhy kids. One talks of their school results, their Board results, the jobs they get, their successes and so on. This has almost become a norm as every year and in all our centres children do us proud in more ways than one.

What we tend to forget is the fact that none of this would be possible without our incredible band of teachers! It is they, and they alone who make all the small and big miracles happen.

Right from the outset we decided to draw all our staff from the very community where we worked. This proved to be the best decision we ever took. True they do not fit the profile of what one calls teachers, and do not have the requisite pieces of paper, but they have stellar qualities that are unique to them. Be it their motivation to help the children they work with or their commitment so well expressed by one of our senior most teachers when he said: "I wish there was a project why when I was growing up', they give do not leave any stone unturned when it comes to their work. Most of all, project why to them is not the bottom ranked NGO on their climb to greener pastures, but a long time commitment. Some have been with us since the time we began!

Many of them have finished their studies after they joined project why and gone on to do graduate and even post graduate courses. Needless to say we supported and encouraged them.

The leaders

Chapeau Bas!


Super girls

We are still very raw in doing stuff


The Govindpuri-Okhla-GiriNagar Team


This team is led by Rani.


The Khader Team


This is Dharmendra's team!