The Okhla Primary Project

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Number of children

105 boys 96 girls

Project Cost

₹34 000; US$ 510, 357

Our Okhla centre has been in existence for more then eight years. The journey began in a garbage dump that we ‘reclaimed’! It all started in a makeshift structure of bamboo and plastic sheets amidst extreme resentment. Today it is a happy children centre under a tin roof. The centre runs in 2 shifts with boys in the morning and girls in the afternoon.

The children come from extremely deprived homes, most of migrant labour. When we first came in the area 90% of the children were not going to school. Many were peddling drugs or engaged in petty theft. Now all children are in school and doing well.

Children are taught through fun activities like story telling, educational games etc. Environment classes are also held. Children are taught how to keep the neighbourhood clean, prevent disease and make the planet plastic free and even plant flowers!


The Children


Sita, Sophiya, Israel, Pushpa