The Khader Primary Project

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Number of children

91 girls - 66 boys

Project Cost

₹45 000; US$ 680 ; 470£

  From the very outset of the project we ran primary classes for the children of the community. The classes are held in 2 shifts: boys in the morning and girls in the afternoon. Each shift is further divided in two 1.30 shifts. This was done to accommodate more children.

Most of our children are from migrant families that belong to Eastern UP and Bihar.

The new education policy whereby no child can fail till class VIII has made it imperative for us to educate children, as education in Government schools is practically non-existent. The situation in this area is particularly bad as schools are overcrowded,sometimes having upton 120 children in a single class!

Hence we have to concentrate on school curriculum.

We also want to try and make our children better citizens and thus have a series of extra activities.

The issues we concentrate on are water and plastic, as well as cleanliness of the surroundings. This is particularly relevant as the centre is located in a village where access is trough a small lane replete with buffaloes. Children are also encouraged to plant some green plants and learn to tend to them and respect them. On Saturday it is a hand washing day as we feel that teaching children the importance of washing their hands is one of the best way to protect one’s self from many common diseases. Children are taught not to waste water while washing their hands.


The Children



Praveen, Manisha, Priyanka and Sobia