Under a hot tin roof


Our women centre, which was set up on October 15th 2007, vindicated some of our decisions that may have looked hare brained at first. But as is always the case at project why, we followed our heart.

Two women needed urgent help and we did not shirk the issue with a : we are only a children centre, but decided to do something. What was needed was shelter to help them rebuild their shattered lives. The seed for a 'potential' women centre was sown. Why not run a residential programme as well as a women's empowerment programme. The stage was set.

Along the way we felt that to be able to make a difference in the lives of women, one had to gain their trust and what better way than that of helping their children. So it would be a women and children centre.

We soon realised that finding space for such an 'activity' was no mean task but were lucky to find an odd shaped building that was perfect for a small residential centre and a vocational centre and with some ingenuity the roof could be used for a children centre on the lines of our other centres. We were in business.

But we soon realised that running a small residential programme was too expensive and after our two ladies were ready to resume a normal life, we closed the residential centre keeping a room for temporary shelter on a need basis.
Today the centre had 160 women and 350 children.

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