The Govindpuri Special Children Project

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Number of children


Project Cost

52 000 ₹ ; 750 US$; 550 £

To be disabled is a misfortune, to be disabled and poor is a tragedy.

Disabled people have practically no option within the social system, and for them it is of prime importance that they remain integrated within their family and community.

To ensure this our programme aims at making children with disabilities as independent as possible, and to ensure some income generation for each one of them, hence assuring that they retain a roof on their heads, even after the demise of their parents.

Children are taught self-care and basic living skills such as bathing, washing clothes, basic cooking, shopping etc keeping their ability in mind. But above all the daycare centre is a fun filled place where all children are taught computers, dance and many other recreational activities. However we are aware of the reality on the ground and the fact that for some the future remains bleaks and that it is necessary to find long term alternatives.

But for now we try and give these very special children and young adults a space where they can escape for a few hours every day and laugh to their heart's content.

Drop by anytime and you will be greeted by laughter. The Project Why special section is the best place to lift your blues.


The Children


Shamika, Shagun, Pinky and Seema