The Govindpuri Primary and Junior Secondary Project

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Number of children

Girls 42 Boys 71

Project Cost

₹ 31 000; 460 US $; 320

High drop out rates in municipal and government schools, and extremely poor performance of children prompted us to start our after school education support programme. Our main objective is to enhance school performance, contain drop out rates and ensure access to secondary school.Children coming from urban slums are unable to cope with their studies. This is often due to poor teaching conditions within the school, and lack of help from home as parents are often illiterate. Moreover children have no place to study, no access to books or tutors. The primary programme is by far the most important one as it is in these classes that most children drop out.

This centre was started in April 2010 when we had to close two of our primary centres. It began with a handful of children but within no time more children began to come for far flung areas. Today we have more than 100 children studying in this centre. Most of the children attend the two primary schools located in the vicinity

When our first batch graduated class V, they requested we begin a secondary programme and thus today we have classes till class VIII>

This class is filled to capacity and it is a juggling act to try and admit as many students as possible.


The Children


Anita, Himani, Shipra