Project Why

The Giri Nagar Senior Secondary Project

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Number of children

58 boys 50 Girls

Project Cost

₹32 000; US$ 480; 330 £

Writing about this class is akin to writing the project why story. Our Senior Secondary Project began on the roadside in the dead of winter 2001 to answer yet another deafening why. A bunch of class X students from our Spoken English class has been beaten in school. This was inadmissible to us and a visit to the school brought to light the contempt with which children from poorer homes were treated. The Principal sneered at them, calling them gutter snipes that would never be able to pass their Boards. The body language of the children compelled us to throw a challenge stating that they would ALL pass!

Our Senior Secondary Project was born and never looked back. The children were taught in the freezing winter mornings and did us proud. Today most of them have secured good jobs and some have even started families!

Every year around 20 students pass their class XII Boards and many top their school.

We watch them find their wings with immense pride.