The Giri Nagar Computer Project

Project Cost

₹ 49 000

 As everything at Project Why, the computer centre started because children wanted it. When we opened our office in 2001, we installed a computer for our office work. As we follow an open door policy, children use to walk in and out and we soon realised that it was because of the computer. We would allow some of the children to sit at it and would show them how it worked. We knew that the next item on our list had to be a computer centre.

In no time, we managed to get a few old computers and our computer project saw the light of day.

Over time, we realised that our computer project could also be a possible income generation project and thus opened to students outside project why. The centre runs 6 month courses in different batches and some of the courses on offer are: courses Basic, Tally, DTP, Flash Animation. We also offer hardware courses. Many of our students have secured good jobs.


Vijay and Dipankar