Giri Nagar

Where it all began

On a hot summer afternoon an encounter between an ageing woman and a beggar would set into motion an incredible journey begun simply because the ageing woman wanted to give the young beggar his dignity. She at first believed that a few phone calls and the required purse would do the needful. But that was not to be, because in the land called India, there are no homes for physically and mentally challenged males above the age of 14.

To give him a home, she had to be accepted in the street were he was born and the only way to do so was accede to the demands of the community and teach their children English.

The English classes began in this very street in the fall of 2000. Manu was taken care of alongside.

This street has seen the seeding of most of our programmes: the primary classes, the secondary classes, the special children day care, the early education programme and our computer classes.

We have grown since and expanded our outreach but this street remains where it all began!

Today we run the following programmes from this street.


Giri Nagar Projects

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