MONTHLY BUDGET of PROJECT WHY (As on 1 January 2015)


The Creche Project

Children 29
Running Cost 40 000/ Rs-

The Special Section Project

Children 18
running cost 52 000 /Rs

The Govinpuri Primary and Junior Secondary Project

Children 113
Running Cost 31 000/Rs

Giri Nagar

The Giri Nagar Primary Project

Children 30
Running Cost 22 000Rs/-

The Giri Nagar Secondary Project

Children 108
Running Cost 32 000/Rs-

The Giri Nagar Computer Project

Running Cost 49 000 Rs/

The Yamuna Project

The Yamuna Primary Programme
opened April 2105

Children 60
Running Cost 20 500/Rs-



The Primary Okhla Project

Children 200
Running Cost 34 000/Rs-

The Okhla Secondary Project

Children 100
Running Cost 29 000/Rs-

The Okhla Computer Project

Running Costl 24 000/Rs-


The Khader Primary Project

Children 157
Running Cost 45 000/-

The Khader Secondary Project

Children 190
total 49 000/Rs-

The Khader Computer Project

Running Cost 41 000/Rs-

The Khader Women's Project

Ladies 100
Running Cost 36 000/Rs

Total Monthly costs of all centres

Children 995
women 100
Monthly Total For running above projects 504 500/Rs-


This budget does not include emergencies - repairs, medical treatment, etc- nor does it include the cost incurred for the boarding school children: fees, transport, clothing, shoes etc
All staff is from within the community and for many this is the only source of income
Anou the project director does not draw any salary or allowance
Lunch is provided by a community member, for whom it is a critical source of income
Transport hires 3 three wheelers owned by parents
Project WHY has no other vehicle, even the Director uses the three wheeler